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Forklift Jacksonville also provides Aerial Lift, Scissor Lift & Bucket Truck Training at your place of business in Jacksonville.

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Forklift training is available on weekends.

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Did You Know That Forklift Training Is Mandatory In Jacksonville?

You might not like it but you have to live with it, in Jacksonville forklift training is mandatory as per the OSHA standard. Although you may look at it as an expense, you should look at it as an investment because it can actually save you big bucks.

If your employees are damaging property or equipment due to a lack of knowledge and safety training, it’s costing you. G_d forbid someone gets hurt in a forklift accident on your premises, you’re looking at a liability lawsuit that can cost you millions of dollars.


OSHA has a standard requiring employers to provide training and evaluation programs that all forklift operators must complete before they can operate a forklift. If a Jacksonville employer does not follow the OSHA guidelines, they can be found negligent. It is the employer’s responsibility to notify untrained and uncertified employees that forklifts are off limits.

Forklift Site Specific Training

OSHA clearly states that forklift training be site specific and include the hazards of your workplace. That is why we go to your business location in  Jacksonville and provide forklift safety training. Our instructor will arrive early so that they have time to set up and do a walk thru of your facility so that we can customize the class for your location.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you can’t do forklift training online. Why? How will the online presentation make it site specific and include the hazards of your workplace?

OSHA standard  1910.178(l)(2)(ii) states:

“Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape, written material), practical training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee), and evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace.”

Hey did I read that right?

Yes you did, no computer I know of can evaluate your forklift operators safe operation and competency in your workplace.

Can I send them to some other place for training?

Sorry, but you can’t do this either. Again, forklift training must be site specific and include the hazards of your workplace and you can’t do that unless you’re on location.

Machine Specific Forklift Training

Training must be machine specific, this is not by manufacturer. There are seven classifications of forklift, your employees must be trained in the classification of forklift that you require them to operate and any attachments that you may use.

Forklift Refresher Training

Refresher training, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of that training, shall be conducted as to ensure that the operator has the knowledge and skills needed to operate the powered industrial truck safely.

Refresher training is required every three years or when:

We offer Jacksonville employers to have their forklift operator’s professionally trained and certified. We can provide training  on all seven classifications of forklifts!

Forklift Accidents

The human body is no match for a forklift that weighs thousands of pounds. The one certainty is that should a person get in an altercation with a forklift, the human will lose.

Unfortunately when these accidents occur they cause a tremendous amount of bodily damage. Because of this, forklift accidents have huge payout's. These payoffs often range from $300,000 into the millions of dollars.

Forklift accidents also cause property and equipment damage.

Protect Your Business          

You can’t prevent lawsuits, but you can help mitigate exposure. You do this by being able to demonstrate that you have a comprehensive forklift training program in place and that you enforce OSHA policy and your own company policies.

We offer all Jacksonville employers to have their forklift operator’s professionally trained and certified on the following types of forklift equipment:

Class I, IV, V: Counterbalance Forklifts

Class II: Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Class III: Electric Pallet Jacks

Class VI: Tractors

Class VII: Rough Terrain Forklifts

Aerial Lifts

We’ve All Seen The Headlines…

Don’t forget your legal fees involved with defending yourself.

And there’s OSHA to deal with…

Forklift Accident Statistics

This is how forklift accidents are broken down by category:

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